XVive V3 Duet Looper Pedal

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XVive V3 Duet Looper Pedal

The Duet Stereo Looper was designed in the USA by Design Engineer Ray Heasman. 

The stereo inputs have high headroom and an extremely low latency response to user inputs. The outputs are stereo and of course it is true bypass. There is USB support for future updates and upgrades. We think the new Duet Stereo Looper is very special. We hope you enjoy this pedal and will do so for many years.

Verse/Chorus Mode:
- Two series mode separate loops to record to, each with a maximum length of 5 minutes.
- Each loop can be recorded, overdubbed, or played separately.

Undo/Redo Mode:
- One 5 minute loop that allows undo and redo.
- Capable of RecordPlayOverdub,and also RecordOverdubPlay for ambient loops.