XVive PT 05 Chromatic Tuner Pedal

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XVive PT 05 Chromatic Tuner Pedal

Discover Some of the Reasons That Make the PT-05 Tune a Must Have in Your Effects Pedal Arsenal:

- Best in class tuning accuracy of +/-0.5 cent
- Wide tuning range of B0-B7 can handle a broad range of electric instruments
- Reference pitch calibration of 436-445Hz
- Drop / flat tunings up to 4 semitones below standard pitch
- Full color big note display for easy readability and visibility
- Pedal mutes the signal when tuner is engaged
- Heavy-duty switch eliminates accidental triggering and provides tactile feedback
- No "hum" noise or audible "pop" sound to your amplifier
- Rugged metal chassis for ultimate durability
- Sleek, black and ultra small footprint\

  • FAST & ACCURATE: Experience speedy tuning with A1 precision. Housed in a mini pedal that's designed to fit on any pedalboard, the TinyTune lets you to spend less time tuning and more time playing.
  • EASY-TO-READ DISPLAY: The color display is large, clear, and has excellent visibility under any lighting. So whether you are playing at home, on a dark stage, or outdoors, this pedal has you covered!
  • ZERO NOISE: The TinyTune completely mutes the input signal when you're tuning, and directly routes the signal to the output when you're not. No tone coloring, or annoying "pop" and "hum" noises here.
  • EASY TO USE: This pedal was designed with simplicity in mind. No confusing modes, hidden buttons on the side, or features that don't belong in a pedal tuner. Simply plug in, tune up, and play some music!
  • BUILT TO LAST: With rugged aluminum on the outside and quality components on the inside, this pedal will perform night after night, stomp after stomp. So that you can sound your best every single time.