XVive O2 Sweet LEO Overdrive

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XVive O2 Sweet LEO Overdrive

O2 Sweet LEO was designed by Thomas Blug, a famous German musician, guitarist, composer and musical electronic engineer. It has fat and powerful character and the Growl knob control the blend of effects, even with full drive you could hear original tone. It is also designed to be more rather than a rhythm guitar pedals. O2 does have a tight lowed and pulsing claringty even at high gain settings.The level pulling the volume on the tone, you can roll back give you more clean boost pedal .The tone rage is broad and also preserve the lowed that ensure your rhythm plan doesn't drop out and get lost in mix.


1. Sound designed by “STRAT KING” Thomas Blug, a great German musician, guitarist, musical electronic engineer and composer, Sweet LEO is one of Thomas Blue signature series pedals.
2. It is Xvive original rhythm guitar tone for a tight low end, pulsing clarity and high gain setting.
3. Characteristic with shimmering bell type high-end known from Class A tube amplifiers to the craunchy and “dirty” overdrive sound.
4. Sweet LEO allows you to blend a cleaner more elegant overdrive.
5. Roll back the level pulling the volume on the tone for a clean boost.