XVive O1Tube Squasher Overdrive

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XVive O1Tube Squasher Overdrive

O1 Tube Squasher designed by Thomas Blug with FET-based overdrive circuitry which allows O1 realistically emulates the smooth overdrive characteristics of a good vacuum tube amp. When playing, its sound is like a tube sound. The Tube Squasher is a very powerful tone-shaping tool and a internal supply voltage step-up which allows more dynamic range and headroom with tight bass tones. It is also a great low to medium gain overdrive and great clean boost.

Switch Controls:
TONE: Shapes color of distorted signal
LEVEL: Controls overall volume of effect
DRIVE: Controls amount of gain
LO CUT: Cut off the extra low frequency to make sound cleaner.
FOOT SWITCH: True bypass with Blue LED indication.