CAD StageSelect Stereo Wireless In-Ear Monitor System


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CAD StageSelect Stereo Wireless In-Ear Monitor System

The CAD Audio StagePass IEM is a high-performance wireless In Ear Monitor System that will deliver superior audio performance while supplying advanced frequency agility, capable enough to cope with today's dynamic RF environment make it both easy to use and exciting to operate.

The StagePass IEM Stereo Wireless In Ear Monitor System features 16-channel frequency agile performance for outstanding connectivity. CADLock Automatic Tone Code Squelch eliminates unauthorized interference in RF unfriendly environments. Stereo operation lends flexibility of use You may send discrete signals to the left or right channel. The MEB2 TruPitch Dual Armature Earbuds provide accurate audio reproduction while the EasyFit silicon earmolds provide a custom fit.


Frequency Range: Q Band 470-498MHz
Audio Frequency Response: 40Hz 16KHz
Dynamic Range: > 101dB
Dynamic Cardioid Capsule
Frequency Response: 40Hz 16KHz
Transmit power: 30mW
AA Batteries with > 15 hrs battery life
Audio Input: Combination XLR - 1/4"


Wireless receiver
Wireless transmitter
MEB2 TruPitch Dual Armature Earbuds
Half wave antenna
Rack ears
Antenna relocation kit
Carry case