Keith Bishop - Owner, CB Music Centre


My musical journey started when I was between 5 & 6 years old.  Snooping around my parents room, I found an old Fender guitar case underneath the bed. I pulled it out and opened it up.  I still remember the smell of stale smoke and beer, the kind of smell that could only be achieved through years of playing smoke filled and over-served rooms.

Inside was a crushed orange velvet holding Dad's main weapon, a '63 blonde tele.  Dad played in many bands over the years, a music career that spanned from the 60's until the late 80's.

I grew up in the music industry. Dad started CB music in 1974 to provide quality instruments such as Fender and Gibson to the people of the Conception & Trinity Bay areas.  There was no highway at that time, so going to St. John's to get these things was quite the trip.

I have countless memories of jams and practices in the basement where Dad and his friends would crank out their particular brand of rock and roll.  CCR, The Rolling Stones, and mix that up with some Willie Nelson or Merle Haggard just for fun.

For my 10th birthday, my cousin gave me two cassettes, Ratt, Out Of The Cellar, and Kiss, Lick It Up.  The screaming guitars and massive drums got me hooked.  I was going to be a rocker.

The Power Hour on MuchMusic gave me bands such as WASP, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Priest, and so many more.  I worked so hard to get pinch harmonics, learned theory, and basically worshiped Randy Rhoades. 

I was super-strat all the way.  None of my idols played Fender, so I wasn't either.  I played BC Rich, Kramer, Hamer, Jackson, Charvel and ESP. Running it all through my Marshall JCM Head into a 4x12 Cabinet, I set out on the journey to play metal and rock the world.

In my high school years I spent a lot of time at CB Music.  I would get the bus from school and get dropped off at the door.  Having jams with friends, learning new solos and songs, all while Gerard, the guy who ran the store for almost 25 years would say, "Yes....but can you play anything?"

I learned so much from Gerard over those years, customer service, basic repair and electronic work, and how to creatively put together swear words.  But the biggest learning was audio.  How to create a great sound.  The sound of those Ratt and WASP recording is what got me hooked to music, and Gerard helped show me how to create it.  And I dove in head first.

I spent my teen years touring, doing sound for festivals, large shows in stadiums and single acts. By the time I was 18, I had some of the best experience you could have in the Newfoundland music industry.

Upon graduating high school, the Newfoundland fishery had collapsed, the economy was decimated....things were not so great.  Like so many others in my age group, we had no choice but to move away  So off I went to Alberta.

I put music on the back-burner in Alberta, and focused all my energy on my new career in Information Technology. I currently hold over 30 IT certifications for various manufacturers and services, ranging from Dell & HP, to Microsoft & Cisco.

Even though I was very successful in my IT career, music was always there.  Pushing to come out.  In the early 2000's, I met up with a group of Newfoundlanders' that were in a band called Fairhaven.  I went with them as their sound tech, toured Western Canada with Alexander Keith Beer, played The Highland Games and many large and great festivals. We did a couple of albums, and the boys are still at it today in different acts. 

In 2012, I decided it was time for a change.  I left my IT career behind to move back home.  To say it was a bit of a culture shock is an understatement.  I had literally spent just as much time away from here, as I had been here.  Not much had changed, employment was dim, especially in the IT field, so off I went back to school for the newest thing, Occupational Heath & Safety.

I worked in OHS for several large scale construction companies doing some the largest projects that were happening on the Island at the time .... But I was missing music in my life, I was missing technology in my life, and I was missing the thrill of business, of helping people, and providing a wanted service.  Believe me, OHS is not a wanted service.

I met my wife in 2014, and we now have 3 beautiful children, with another on the way. She is an extremely passionate person when it comes to business, and runs her own seasonal business during the summer.

She helped me to to rekindle my passions, the passions that I have for running business and making people happy through creative solutions to problems, the passion I have for music and sound, and the passion I have for technology and how to apply it.

In 2018, we bought CB Music from Dad, and have been working towards creating a company that is well positioned to help show people the integration of music and technology and how it can work.  Technology has impacted every aspect of our daily lives from how we consume and view content such as music and video, to the supercomputer you have in your pocket. The music industry is no different.

I am privileged and humbled to be able to go to work every day and do the 3 things that I am passionate most about in this world... business, music and technology.
I am blessed to have my family with me on this journey .... to be able to have my kids experience growing up in a family business, and having music as a huge part of our lives.

CB music started 1974 as a family business, and it continues in 2019 as a family business, and will continue that way for a long time into the future ....

My background in the music industry,  my background in the technology industry, and my drive to solve problems and create entertainment puts CB Music in a very unique position. We can help you with your needs, wants & desires, show you how to craft the sound you are looking for, find the tone you want, and be the performer you can be.

I hope to see you all soon!!