Care & Maintenance Collection
Polish, Polish Cloths, Fretboard Remedy, Lemon Oil from D'Addario, Jim Dunlop, Fender, Gibson, GHS, Martin.  All the products you need to keep your musical instrument looking tiptop

Care & Maintenance Collection

Dunlop String Winders
Replace your strings in seconds with this classic winder. The notched head removes bridge pins quickly and safely....
Dunlop Pick Holder
Pick Holder
Dunlop Ultimate Lemon Oil Spray Bottle
Dunlop Ultimate Lemon Oil 6554 1oz Spray Bottle Ultimate Lemon Oil will remove grime and return your fretboard...
Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes
The Ernie Ball Wonder Wipe 6-pack includes 6 individually wrapped Wonder Wipes. This chemically engineered formula eliminates unwanted...
Fender Custom Shop Care Products
Fender Custom Shop polishes and waxes are high-grade carnauba formulations containing no silicones, resins, polymers, bonding agents or...
Dunlop Deep Conditioner JD6532
Dunlop Deep Conditioner JD6532 Prevents warping and cracking while replenishing the proper oil balance of the wood.
D'Addario Planet Waves Instant Spray Cleaner - 2oz
D'Addario Shine spray cleaner and maintainer is an easy to use daily cleaner for all clear coated instruments....
Oasis Guitar Humidifier Plus
The humidity demands of the desert, mountain states or frigid north exceed the humidification capacity of the OH-1....
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