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Essentials For The May-Long Weekend

Whether you’re jammin’ at the trailer or having a time at the shed, here are a few things you’ll need to make your long weekend complete. Having these accessories on hand will make sure your May-Long is full of music, friends and fun.

All Instrument (Chromatic) Tuner

These days, most acoustic/electric guitars have tuners built in, but many instruments do not.  Adding a mandolin or banjo to the mix can bring out some great tunes, but only if they’re in tune.  Have a chromatic tuner on hand to get everyone in tune, and use the same tuner on multiple instruments.  Your audience, and your ears will thank you.


New strings are definitely essential. Worn strings won’t stay in tune, and don’t project sound as well as they should, giving a muddied and muffled tone.  We recommend coated strings for your instruments, especially on a jam weekend! The coating will keep the strings sounding fresh for all weekend, and into the next couple.  See our post for tips on when to change your strings.  We also recommend having a spare set, just in case of breakage.

String Winder

If you have to change strings, a string winder is a lifesaver. This simple and affordable device really speeds up winding the strings around a post, and the top is used as a puller for the bridge pins - put away the pliers!  Once you use one, you’ll never change strings without it.


You can never have too many picks. The variety of pick shapes, sizes, and materials is huge, and the differences in sound and feel can be subtle or drastic. For sure our most popular picks are the Dunlop Nylons, which is a nice pick all around, with a little grip on them.  The Fender Nylons are the same, but have a really nice aggressive grip to them so they won’t slip from your fingers.  The nice part is, most picks are relatively inexpensive, and it’s easy to experiment with different kinds. Try out the new Dunlop Variety Pack, and find what your favorite is.

Pick Holder

Picks are the musical equivalent of socks, they just disappear.  A pick holder is an inexpensive way to keep them around a little longer.  Check out the Dunlop Pick Holder.  Keep it in your case, or use the included 2-way tape to stick it on your instrument.


I hope this article helps you out in getting ready for a great weekend of music and friends.  Have a safe and happy long weekend everybody!!

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